Alaina Magcrux

Money Lover


Level 8
Health: 85/90
Concentration: 9/9

BASE +4 +19 +5 +3
Item Strength Magic Defense Agility
Dry Ice Cloak +1 +6 +1
☆☆Emerald Staff +1 +5
☆☆Cleric’s Pride -2 +6

-Rag Knapsack 1
item 1: |☆Barok’s Shield|||4|-1|
item 2:
item 3: rag x100
item 4: torch
item 5:
item 6: |☆☆Sandy Wind Blade||
item 7: |☆Boned Blade|2|1||1|
item 8: |☆Ordinary Wand|
item 9: |Zaroth-Dragon Armor|
item 10: |★Tiger Memorial Dagger|10|-5||3|
-Rag Knapsack 2
item 1:
item 2:
item 3:
item 4:
item 5:
item 6:
item 7:
item 8:
item 9:
item 10:
-Wizard’s Knapsack
item 1: bottle of blue potion x10
item 2: bottle of red potion x10
item 3: bottle of green potion x10
item 4: elves’ pills x10


Name: Alaina Magcrux
Gender: Girl
Eye: Indigo
Hair: Dark Purple
Skin: Light
Height/Weight: 5’5"/105lbs
Likes: Money, Discounts/Coupons, Dogs
Dislikes/Fears: Thieves/bandits/pirates, People who waste money, Slave Traders
Favored Fighting Style: Magic
Background Story: Alaina lived in a poor family, but her father raised her to have a cool personality and be elegant. Her mother was an exiled witch and taught her some magic. They sold her off to slavery after becoming desperate and she came to trust nothing but money. She managed to buy herself out of slavery but still has a mark on her stomach. She prefers the term sorceress. If she smiles that means she’s mad.

Alaina Magcrux

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