Albert Dombrovski

Soviet Russian


Level 9
Health: 106/106
Concentration: 10/10

BASE +25 +9 +14 +14
Item Strength Magic Defense Agility
Night Vision Goggles
Prison Guard Uniform +4
★Undead Axe +4 +1 +3
★Louisville Slugger +3 +1 +2
★Silver Cross Necklace +5

-5,290W & 8,650SV
-Rag Knapsack 1
item 1: cactus needle x6
item 2: 30 lbs of walnut shells
item 3:
item 4: umbrella
item 5: |☆Demon’s Bow|6|2|-1|-1|
item 6: comb x3
item 7: bottle of vodka
item 8: notepad
item 9: royal badge
item 10: set of keys – gold, silver, bronze
-Rag Knapsack 2
item 1: |☆Soldier’s Rifle|5||3|-2| x2
item 2: |☆Night Stick|3|||| x2
item 3: |☆☆Soldier’s Rifle|
item 4: |☆Metallica Bat (Titanium)|
item 5:
item 6:
item 7:
item 8:
item 9:
item 10:


Name: Albert Dombrovski
Gender: Male
Eye/Hair color: hazel/ light brown
Skin Color: white
Height/Weight: 6’4/191lbs
Likes: hurting americans
Dislikes: Americans
Fear: of hurting little children by accident
Background: Grown and raised up in Moscow by his mafia father. He has three sisters, two elder and one younger. He was raised to be ruthless and merciless. Being the only son in their family, he was supposed to take on his father’s position, however he left his family and gave his position up for his youngest sister. He always carries around vodka and a metal bat.

Albert Dombrovski

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