Black Lockhart

The Assassin


Level 9
Health: 80/90
Concentration: 9/9

BASE +13 +3 +6 +18
Item Strength Magic Defense Agility
Dark Robe +6 +6
★Demon’s Blade +3 +1 +1 +3
☆☆XML Dagger w/ Arm Sheath +3 +1
☆Flame Amulet +1 +2

-974W & 7091SV
-Rag Knapsack
item 1: |Il Residence Guard Uniform|1||1|2|
item 2: clown mask
item 3: |☆Stealth Shuriken x6|
item 4: syringe of piranha blood x10
item 5: |☆Soldier’s Rifle|
5||3|-2| x3
item 6: roll of clear tape
item 7: dog tag slip
item 8:
item 9: |☆☆Wind Blade||
item 10:


Name: Black Lockhart
Gender: Male
Height: 5’10
Weight: 150 lbs
Eye color: Gray
Hair color: Light Brown
Skin color: Light
Likes: Sweets
Fears: Ferrets
Favored fighting style: Concealed weapons
Background: Black ran away as a child from an orphanage only to be adopted by a assassin organization. Learned all there is to mastering concealed weapons only to have the whole organization destroyed one day due to a certain betrayal. He is seeking to find the traitor and have vengeance ever since. Contrary to his dark past, he is actually very laid-back and only gets serious at the mention of his past.

Part 1:
He remembered that day he had come back from a recent side mission, only three days after he had passed his 3rd Rite of Ascendence. He had felt tired and exhausted, since it had been a mission where he had gone without any aid. Yet, he had succeeded and couldnt wait to rest and brief his mission with the High Council. Yet as he stepped over that hill, he beheld a horrific sight of the Nox Atterima Cathedral burning, with bodies scattered all around. In shock, he had ran into the building looking for survivors, but only found strange symbols on the ground. A cloaked figure had stood amid the fire, and seeing Black had grinned and fled. Black had tried to chase him but due to the fire, had lost him. Confused and in shock he wandered through the flaming carnage, delirious of what he was losing in front of him. Suddenly, he felt his body freeze, unable to move. With fear, he recognize it as magic, and desperately tried to break free. He suddenly saw that the cloaked figure was back, waling casually up to Black, ignoring the flames around him, and stopped 15 feet away from him. Black saw that the figure now carried a wicked looking crossbow/blade weapon. “You’re the last one” he heard the figure announce matter-of-factly, and pointed the weapon at Black, point-blank. Years of training failed him, as Black watched the figure pull the trigger. Suddenly, a black knife flew through the flames, and slashed the cloaked man on his hands. The arrow missed Black by mere inches as the figure grasped his hand in pain. A hooded man jumped out of the fire, a man Black instantly recognized as Beram Lockhart, the man who had taken Black into his care when he had been lost. Black saw that Beram was bleeding from his head and stomach heavily, but proceeded to begin sparring with the claoked figure. The figure growled, and turned his focus on the old man, ignoring Black. Black felt his body move again, and he dropped to the ground in exhaustion, drained of his energy. He looked up and saw that Beram was fighting with the upperhand, countering all of the cloaked figures attacks, and driving him towards a wall. With a powerful and quick jab, he saw that Beram had diarmed the figure, and the figure was on the ground with a blade to his neck. “For the death of our brethren, I will be the one to end you”. Using the tip of his sword, Beram pushed the hood off the figure. A look of surprise suddenly enveloped on Beram’s face and he flinched. The figure took the opportunity to kick Beram in the stomach and jumped towards his weapon. Retrieving his weapon, the figure then spoke a word of power, then lunged forward and stabbed Beram through his heart. Black lamented as he saw his teacher fall, but had no strength to move. He saw the figure walk over to pick something off of Becram, then watched as he fled the scene. Vision wavering, Black crawled out of the cathedral over the balcony that overlooked a ocean. With the last bit of strengh, he plunged into the ocean just as the building collapsed, with inferno flying around him. The last thought he had was of a memory of Beram smiling at him as Black had recieved his first lesson. Then he felt himself hit water, and darkness soon engulfed him.

Black Lockhart

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