Xavier Monte

Immortal Monster


Health: 210/210
Concentration: 21/21

BASE +9 +1 +18 +30
Item Strength Magic Defense Agility
Invisibility Cloak -4 +12
★Natural Claws +14

Unable to equip primary weapon or amulet.


  • Exoskeleton (Turns Into Skeleton Form For 2 Rounds, Immune To Most Attacks)
  • Dark Steel (Damage x3, -2 concentration)
  • Sacrificial Mayhem (Deals All Opponents Within Reach Damage Of Base Stats, -20 concentration, -100HP)

Name: Xavier Monte
Race/Gender: Immortal Male
Age: 250
Height: 6’5"
Weight: 200 lbs
Eye: Black
Hair: None
Skin: Black
Background: Xavier grew up as an outcast in Abcynths. He escaped to Dystopia to find freedom and a new lifestyle. He traveled to Military HQ where he met the Major. The Major and Xavier made a deal, service for immorality. Ever since, Xavier has been a wanderer devourer of the second basement of the Motel, also known as the Whorehouse.

Xavier Monte

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