Sailor's Pub

Welcome to the Sailor’s Pub, the common drinking area for the so-called “sailors and fishermen.” As most of the food and beverages are imported from other territories, prices of simple things such as clean water are inflated hundredfold (although the only things that are in abundance are dead fish, contaminated water, and home-made alcohol.)

Bread and Milk: 50SV
Gill Chowder: 100SV
Eel Tail Salad: 200SV
Instant Fin Noodles: 3,000SV
Baby Tuna (Half): 5,000SV
Baby Tuna (Whole): 7,000SV

Contaminated Water (Liter Bottle): 5SV
Clean Water (Liter Bottle): 1,000SV
Simpson’s OJ: 5,000SV
Soda Pop: 10,000SV
Add Ice: 5,000SV

Fishscale Puree
Sweatsuit Cocktail
Shrimp Eye Vodka
Intestine Ale
Whale Blub Tequila
Shark Sake
Crab Margarita

Shot, Glass, or Pint: 20SV
Full Bottle: 100SV

Special/Featured Inventory
10-Pack Cigarette: 30SV
Marajuana Blunt: 40SV

Sailor's Pub

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